Interesting facts about Ferrari

This car company is simply known across the planet for making some of the best cars ever. There is no need to tell you that Ferrari is a desire of us all. The main color is red, which is also known as the primary color on the flag of Switzerland. Here you will discover the most interesting facts about Ferrari car company.

  1. Interesting facts about Ferrari: The owner of Ferrari liked his home so much

The founder of the Ferrari is Enzo Ferrari and he actually was one of the best racing drivers of all times. He traveled the world, but at the end of a day, he loved his Modena and Maranello. There you can visit the museum, which is special as well.

  1. Factory of Ferrari was bombed 2 times in the WWII

The factory in Maranello was bombed 2 times during the WWII, which delayed the launch of the first production car under the name Ferrari. Apparently, Enzo Ferrari was banned from using the name for a car brand for 4 years. The first car we were able to see in 1947 was V12 125 S.

  1. Both first cars were dismantled

Only two V12 125 S cars were ever made and not a single one was preserved. Both of them were dismantled and their parts were actually used to produce the new type of car.

  1. Ferrari is owned by Fiat

Sadly, Ferrari is owned by Fiat. Enzo Ferrari sold 50% of the company back in 1969 and his son sold additional 40% in the 80s.

  1. The logo of Ferrari is based on Francesco Baracca

Nowadays the badge of Ferrari is well-known across the planet. But, it came from Italy as well, after the death of Francesco Baracca in the WWI. His parents requested from Enzo Ferrari to put this symbol on the car. Apparently, it will bring luck. This badge was seen for the first time on a car back in 1932.

  1. Names of Ferrari colors have interesting names

Each color a Ferrari car is painted in comes with a name. As such, we have Giallo Modena (yellow), Grigio Alloy (grey) or red (Rosso Scuderia).

  1. Enzo Ferrari didn’t choose the main color of the brand

We all know that the main color of the brand is red (Rosso Scuderia). But, this color was given to the Ferrari racing team by the FIA. Nowadays more than 45% of all Ferraris are red, so chances are high that the next Ferarri you see will be red.

  1. There is a theme park known as Ferrari in Abu Dhabi

You can go in Abu Dhabi and enjoy in the entire theme park dedicated to Ferrari. There is an actual roller-coaster in the middle.

  1. You can have custom-made Ferrari

Yes, it is actually possible to build a Ferrari precisely as you like. This is one of the main and the most appealing interesting facts about Ferrari we have to reveal. And yes, this is going to cost you.

  1. There are more than 5.000 sanctioned races won by Ferrari drivers

Through the history, Ferrari competed in almost any race there is. More than 5.000 of them were sanctioned due to different reasons.


The interesting facts about Ferrari deserve a special attention of us all. This car brand is much more than ordinary car company and they are known for simply being perfect in any way possible. If you are interested in knowing more, please comment us in the section below.





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