Interesting facts about Switzerland

You have heard so many times about some small country in central Europe that is known for high mountains, cows, cheese, and watches. Yes, that country is Switzerland. In the lack of a better word, this country is extremely interesting. We can even say it is special. There are countless facts about this country, but now we will mention the most important ones. This is the place where you will learn all about interesting facts about Switzerland.

  1. Switzerland is one of 2 countries on the planet that has a square flag

Yes, only Switzerland and Vatican have square flags. The Schweiz has a white cross on red background.


  1. Coffee in Zurich is the most expensive

Coffee in the city in question will cost you 3.65 CHF or $3.65. It is among the most expensive coffees in the world, including Bern, Basel, and Geneva, all cities of Switzerland.

  1. Switzerland is ready for a nuclear war

Most cities, villages, and buildings in the country must be nearby or have a nuclear shelter. In most apartment buildings you can see bunkers in the cellar. All of this is mandatory if we know that the country is ready for the nuclear war.

  1. All access points can be destroyed in seconds

Around the country are placed explosives, on carefully selected locations. IN seconds, they can be activated at the same time. What this means is that all access roads to the country will be destroyed immediately.

  1. People in Bern speak Berndeutsch

People who live in Bern and surrounding areas must speak Berndeutsch. This is a special dialect of the German language which is actually so different that foreigners have severe difficulties understanding it. An interesting fact is that German native speakers don’t understand it as well.

  1. Swiss men have the longest lifespan

According to a study conducted back in 2015, men from Switzerland live 81.3 years, on average. This is the longest lifespan of men.

  1. Social pets must be kept in a pair

If you have a parrot, mouse or a ferret, you must have another one! All social animals must be kept in pairs. This is regulated by the law.

  1. People can deny any law

If people don’t like a law that was accepted by the parliament, they can deny it. All they need is 50.000 signatures.

  1. Zurich and Bern are among the safest cities to live in

As a matter of fact, both cities are in the top 2 when it comes to personal safety. For example, cities in the United States are usually rated as 50+. London is 72nd safest city.

  1. Switzerland is the best country to be born in, live and be perfectly happy

In 2015 it was the happiest country to live in. In 2016 it was the second-happiest country to live in. Basically, this is the best country to be born and to live in.


Switzerland is one of the best countries on the planet to live in. It is truly special and it is different than any other place you may have visited. So, if you are planning to travel, go to Switzerland!




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