Interesting facts about Mars

For so long Mars has been one of the most appealing and interesting planets in the universe. It is also the most desirable, due its relative proximity to the planet Earth. Now, you will be able to see all the interesting facts about Mars, about this red planet. And yes, this is truly a remarkable planet that has so many interesting aspects to offer.

  1. Interesting facts about Mars 101: It has the same landmass as Earth

You already now that Mars is smaller than Earth, but it has no water surfaces, so in general, it has the same landmass as our planet. And yes, Mars has 15% of the Earth’s volume.

  1. You can jump 3 times higher on Mars

Mars has a lower gravity than Earth. As a matter of fact, it is 37% of the gravity our planet has. This means that you can move easily there and you can jump so much higher, three times higher in reality. The only problem is how to get there. And yes, the movie The Martian isn’t a documentary!

  1. Here is the highest mountain in our solar system

This is the planet where we can see the tallest mountain in our system. It is called Olympus Mons and it is 21 km tall! It is wide as well, about 600 km. This was a volcano, but according to the latest data, it may be still active.

  1. More than 40 missions have been directed towards Mars

Despite the fact there were 40 missions related to this planet, only 18 of them were successful.

  1. You can see the biggest dust storms here

Mars is home to the biggest sand and dust storms in the universe. They can cover the entire planet and they can last for months or even years! It is also known that the seasons are extreme, due to its unique shape.

  1. We have fragments of Mars on earth

No, this doesn’t mean that scientists brought pieces of Mars back to Earth, but there are fragments which hit the Earth caused by deteriorates or something similar. This allowed for scientists to explore Mars much sooner than the launch missions were introduced.

  1. Mars was the Roman god of war

If you know history, you must know that Mars was the Roman god of war. Apparently, Mars was an important and appealing planet to the Romans.

  1. There is water on Mars

Yes, scientists have discovered that there was and there still is water on Mars. This may be the evidence that there was a life form on this planet.


  1. The red color comes from dust and rock which is rich in iron

The red color is present due to high levels of iron that is located on the surface of Mars.

  1. In the future, Mars will have a ring

This will occur in millions of years, but yes, Mars will have a ring. This is possible because it will tear the Phobos, the biggest satellite apart and make it into a ring.


Here you were able to discover interesting facts about Mars, about the most impressive and the most desirable planet in our solar system. If you want to know more, be free to explore interesting facts about Earth.

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