Interesting facts about iPhone X

We all know that the best smartphones at the moment are Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Despite the fact on paper, Samsung’s flagship looks better, more people are interested in iPhone X. Reasons are simple. This is the best iPhone ever made and yes, it has a lot to offer. But, there are interesting facts about iPhone X you simply must know before ordering or purchasing in person this device.

  1. iPhone X is 35% faster than any other iPhone

Thanks to the A11 bionic processor, this unit is 35% faster compared to any other smartphone made by Apple. It is also faster than most models made by other brands.

  1. It knows when you are looking at it

There is a system which will notice when a user is using or looking at the phone. When activated it, the system won’t play loud alarms or phone calls.

  1. It has the most accurate GPS positioning ever

The iPhone X will have the support of the Galileo satellite system, which makes it extremely accurate for Pacific and Asia areas. Don’t think that you will get lost with this smartphone.

  1. First time ever, Apple introduces fast charging

Yes, on Android smartphones, this is an old tech but got iPhone, it is new. Apple introduces fast charging capability for the first time with iPhones 8 and X. They will have 50% battery recharge in 30, minutes only.

  1. Wireless charging is available as well

Now, you can recharge the battery on your new iPhone X wirelessly. This system is compatible with most charging stations.

  1. iPhone X can make impressive emojis of users

The phone will scan over 50 muscles and facial expressions of a user and create a unique emoji.

  1. iPhone X supports HEIF and HEVC

The two technologies we have just mentioned refer to the HEIF (high-efficiency image format) and HEVC, video compression. They have been implemented in order to make a new smartphone faster.

  1. Its display is made by Samsung

One of the biggest advantages iPhone X has is its display. It is sophisticated OLED version which is actually made by Samsung. Shame on Apple!

  1. There is no home button

First time ever, Apple removed the home button from an iPhone. It is replaced with a simple swipe up gesture which does the same thing.

  1. Fingerprint scanner has been removed as well

Guys at Apple believe that fingerprint scanner is obsolete. They have replaced this tech with optical and facial authorization systems. But, how this phone can have fingerprint scanner when it doesn’t have home button??


iPhone X is one of the most desirable smartphones ever. It is also one of the best and the most expensive. Chances are high that you will have to get one with the help of a carrier. But when you do, just imagine all the possibilities this unit has to offer. Let’s add that it is special. Want to know more, be free to check amazing facts about Ferrari.


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