Interesting facts about Kawasaki

Nowadays, Kawasaki is one of the best-known motorcycle brands and they make the fastest street legal motorcycle ever. But, there are a lot of interesting facts about Kawasaki you should know about. This company is all but simple and ordinary. They are involved in almost any aspects of life and all possible industries.

  1. Interesting facts about Kawasaki say that you must own something made by this company

Yes, it is true. Kawasaki Company is known for making tractors, trains, aerospace equipment, ships and so much more. Basically, every single person had or currently owns something made by this brand.

  1. They made the first engine in 1952

The first ever engine this company made was developed in 1952. The serial production started in 1953. It was a single cylinder, air-cooled, 148 cc unit.

  1. They bought Meguro motorcycles in order to start making their own

In the 60s, Kawasaki acquired Meguro motorcycles and started making new ones under the same name. Meguro SG and K1 were the most popular back then. Later, they started making Kawasaki motorcycles.

  1. The fastest motorcycle is made by Kawasaki

The fastest motorcycle you can buy today is Kawasaki Ninja H2. It has a turbocharger and produces 300 HP.

  1. Kawasaki H2 reaches 200 mph or 400 km/h

The H2 is known to reach 200 mph and it is rated as the fastest ever bike. This is possible thanks to a lightweight frame and a turbocharger.

  1. Green is the color of Kawasaki

The official color of the brand is green and most motorcycles come in this color specifically.

  1. Kawasaki broke the verbal agreement they had with other brands

It was arranged that not a single Japanese motorcycle company makes a bike above 1300cc. The fact refers to the engine capacity. They broke it by making Kawasaki ZZR1400.

  1. Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and ZX14R are the same bike

Kawasaki ZZR 1400 is used for European markets, while in the United States, ZX 14 R is used. This is the same motorcycle, which looks the same and has the same performances.

  1. They started selling bikes in the United States in the 60s

In the 60s, some of the first Kawasaki motorcycles were delivered to the United States. The best-known model was H1 and it fas an off-road motorcycle.

  1. Their models are known by Ninja name

Ninja names refer to the sport and sport-touring motorcycles made by Kawasaki.


As we have mentioned, Kawasaki brand is truly interesting and appealing. They have been among us for a long period of time and they shall stay one of the best brands ever. If you like speed, be free to check interesting facts about Ferrari.


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