Random, fun and weird facts about everything

If you have less than 10 minutes and you are looking for something to do (well, you cannot do much) here is a list of fun and weird facts that will make you smile, wonder and all of that at the same time. Chances are high that you will probably do something more.

  1. Fun and weird facts 101: There is more gold than you believe

If you build a machine that will extract all the gold from the planet, you would have enough of it to layer the entire land up to half a meter tall. There is more gold in the crust of the planet than all of you believe.

  1. You waste half a year on waiting for the green light

Even if you are an occasional driver, in your lifetime, you will spend 6 months waiting for the red light to become green. Professional drivers will spend much, much more time, obviously.

  1. Coca-Cola is green

The original color of this beverage is green. They are able to use artificial colors in order to make it black.

  1. Clouds have weight and they can be heavy

If you take a look at some of the biggest clouds, you should know that they can weigh up to 1 million pounds. How many of you believed that clouds are light as air?

  1. James Buchanan bought slaves in order to free them

James Buchanan or better said 15th president of the United States used to buy slaves using his personal money in order to release them. Well done!

  1. You will eat 70 insects and 10 different spiders tonight

When we sleep, we eat. As a matter of fact, we eat a lot and we won’t recall of doing so. On average, a person will eat up to 70 different insects and 10 species of spiders while sleeping.

  1. Sleeping uses more calories than you believe

Did you know that sleeping uses or burns more calories than watching a movie? Now you can understand why so many of you get weight when watching a lot of movies and eating junk food.

  1. Al Capone was a used furniture dealer

Al Capone had a business card because apparently, he was a businessman. It said that he was a used furniture dealer.

  1. Hitting your head against the wall burns calories

As a matter of fact, 150 calories per an hour. This is a great way if you want to lose weight. Of course, chances are low that you will want to eat after one hour.

  1. 95% of people will say something they cannot in person via a text message

Almost 95% of people will prefer an SMS over any other form of communication for saying things they cannot say in person.

The final word

This was a short list of fun and weird facts about everything. There are a lot of additional facts we will share with you in the near future and all of them are more than just appealing and desirable for you. Be free to check them out. Right now, you can check out something about iPhone X.

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