Interesting facts about deep web

Here is the simplest explanation you can get. There is a visible internet we all use. It is the place where you will visit YouTube, Facebook and etc. There is deep web as well. And no, you cannot visit the sites there easily and there are something else you should know. Deep web and dark web are not the same thing! Dark web is a fraction of deep web. Anyway, here you will learn interesting facts about deep web.

  1. Facts about deep web #1: Deep web is more than just popular and widely used

Yes, there are 500 billion pages here, while the regular web has 1 billion. These figures are from the year 2003, so you can get an idea how big this type of web now is.

  1. You must have a specific web browser

In order to access any website located on deep web, you are going to need TOR web browser. It masks the IP address and it cannot be linked to you.

  1. There are all kinds of stuff to buy there

You can easily find illegal porn or a book that has been banned all over the world. Basically, you can find everything that isn’t available on the surface web.

  1. The only accepted payment is Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been widely linked with the deep web. It is used as the main currency there, due to the fact it is untraceable. If you want to buy something there, you must have this currency.

  1. Fake IDs are popular on deep web

There are a lot of sites that will sell you a fake ID. Al you need is the aforementioned currency and you are done. They will be delivered to you almost instantly and you can become anyone you want to be.

  1. Need to hire a hitman? Go to deep web

Yes, you can hire a hitman, a hacker or any service provider you need at the moment. As you already know, all you have to have is Bitcoin.

  1. TOR is sponsored by the governments

TOR or the Onion Browser is the only way you can access deep web. This software is actually sponsored by The Ford Foundation, The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, United States Department of State Bureau Of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

  1. Deep web has all the porn you are going to ever need

One of the most interesting facts about deep web is that all the porn that is banned on surface web is available here. You can only imagine what you can find there.

  1. A person placed a camera in the room of her sister and it offered the broadcast to the world

There is a story of a Person X, who placed a webcam in the sister’s room and he offers broadcast all over the world, for Bitcoin of course.

  1. Deep web is a dangerous place as well

You can get your computer hacked in a minute if you are not careful. The deep web is a place for hackers who want to make money and harm others.


These were interesting facts about deep web that will probably make you either download TOR and try is as soon as possible, or never visit it. It is up to you. Just keep in mind, it is an interesting and dangerous place to be! In addition, be free to check interesting facts about the Internet.


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