Interesting facts about North Korea

North Korea is currently one of the most interesting countries, simply because it is so specific and so different than any other country on the planet. And yes, this means that it is the perfect time to mention a few interesting facts about North Korea. At the moment, all we can say is that this country has impressive facts to offer.

  1. The first year in North Korea was 1912

The people of North Korea calculate years from 15 April of 1912. This was the birthday of Kim Il-Sung. This may be one of the most interesting facts about North Korea.

  1. You can buy pot in this country

Yes, you can buy pot whenever you want in North Korea. It is perfectly legal.

  1. There are no traffic lights in the country

Apparently, there were traffic lights, but they stopped working. Now, there are police officers that regulate the traffic.

  1. People vote every 5 years

Yes, there are regular elections in the country. They are held every 5 years but guess what. 100% of the population votes for the ‘’leader’’.

  1. Three generation punishment is still used

This means that a violator of the law will be sentenced to a work camp, but his children, parents, and grandparents will also go with him to the work camp. This may be one of the cruelest punishments in the world.

  1. Only 8 different haircuts are available for men

Men can choose between 8 different haircuts and all of them are almost the same. Yes, they all involve short hair. This is one of the latest interesting facts about North Korea.

  1. They created their own Godzilla version

There is a Korean Godzilla which is completely different than the original version. After watching the movie, Kim Jong-Il decided he wants a unique movie.

  1. Kim Jong-Il kidnapped a local director

He kidnapped him in order to force him into making ‘’suitable’’ movies. Luckily the director was able to escape a few years later.

  1. Literacy rate in the country is 99%

The entire population is able to read and write. Almost 99% of literacy rate is an extremely high number which can be compared to some of the most advanced countries in the world.


  1. You can watch 3 channels on your TV

1 channel is available on evenings only, while other two are available on weekends only. This is the main reason why people smuggle South Korean soap operas.


There are a lot of interesting facts about North Korea. At the moment, all we can say is that this country is more than just interesting and specific. It looks like they have invisible boundaries all around the country and they work as a separate country without too much involvement of others.

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