Interesting facts about Titanic

Titanic is one of the best-known ships of all times and also the base for one of the best movies, Titanic (1997). Simply because it was designed and made as a technological wonder of the previous century, there are a lot of strange, interesting and unique facts you will want to know. Yes, now you will be able to discover interesting facts about Titanic, the ship that changed the reality.

  1. Musicians actually play as the ship was sinking

In the movie, one of the best scenes is when musicians decide to play wile ship is sinking. This actually was true and in real case, they sunk with the ship. This is probably one of the most interesting facts about Titanic.

  1. Lifeboat exercise was scheduled for the day the ship sunk

For the first time, sailors should test the lifeboats and their expertise on the same day the ship sunk. The exercise actually was canceled by the captain.

  1. A Japanese passenger was treated as a coward back home

There was a passenger from Japan who survived the accident. Back in Japan, he was treated as a coward.

  1. The ship has 4 smokestacks but only three of them actually worked

As you all know, the ship had 4 smokestacks which were one of the main elements. However, the fourth smokestack added only to make the ship more impressive. It didn’t work in reality.

  1. When Titanic hit the iceberg, a ship called Californian was closer to it than any other chip

Californian was the closest ship to hear the distress call of Titanic, but their wireless operator already was asleep when the accident occurred.

  1. The newspapers published that Titanic sunk but not a single life was lost

Almost all newspapers in the United Kingdom published that Titanic sunk, but not a single life was lost. This was the initial press release.

  1. The chief baker of the ship survived thanks to alcohol

Yes, the chief baker of Titanic survived because he drank alcohol is such amounts that it kept it warm in cold water.

  1. There was plenty od survive boats

Believe or not, there were plenty or survival boats on Titanic, but they weren’t filled properly. If they were, all the passengers would survive.

  1. Titanic is the only ship ever to sink after a collision with an iceberg

The second unbelievable fact is that Titanic actually was the only ship to sink after the collision with an iceberg.

  1. The ship could be saved if they reacted 30 seconds faster

If the captain heard the word about the iceberg only 30 seconds sooner, the accident would be avoided. Sadly, some words come too late.


These were interesting facts about Titanic, the best and the best-known ship of all times. Maybe it is on the seabed, but this ship will stay as a legend for all eternity. If you like nature, be free to check interesting facts about Earth as well.



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