Interesting facts about Lamborghini

There are a lot of facts regarding Ferrari due to the fact it is believed to be one of the best sports car manufacturers on the planet. But, there is one more car manufacturer which is special. Yes, it is Lamborghini. It was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini who also designed and made tractors. There are still their tractors on the market, but we will be focused on cars at the moment.

  1. Lamborghini started making sports cars as a conflicting result

Ferruccio Lamborghini owned Ferrari 250 GT and had a problem with the clutch. When complained to Enzo Ferrari, he got an answer that it is better to stick with tractors. Ferruccio Lamborghini treated this as a challenge and made the first sports car. This is one of the most interesting facts about Lamborghini.

  1. First Lamborghini had a transmission of a tractor

The first car ever made truly had transmission borrowed from a tractor, but it was heavily modified, so the car was a huge success and really fast.

  1. Lamborghini cars were kept away from motorsport

According to the founder, motorsport was a huge waste of time and resources, so his cars never participated any races. Of course today they do.

  1. Lamborghini 350GTV was the first car launched by the company

The Lamborghini 350GTV was launched in 1963 and it was the first car under this name. It reached 280 km/h and was one of the fastest cars back then.

  1. Almost all cars have names of bulls

Because the founder of the company liked bullfights almost all cars have a name of a specific build. One of rare models that were named differently was Countach.

  1. They were bought by Chrysler in 1987

Lamborghini had difficult times back in the 80s and they were acquired by Chrysler. Back then they started making prototypes of luxury sedans. After that, they were bought by an Indonesian investment group.

  1. Nowadays they are owned by Volkswagen

Today or better said since 1998, Volkswagen is the owner of Lamborghini. They borrow engines from this Italian car brand, so we can see them in Audi R8 for example.

  1. The design is based on fighter planes

Almost all Lamborghini cars at the moment have a design which was inspired by fighter planes. The designer, Filippo Perini admitted this to the public.

  1. Lamborghini V12 engines are used in speedboats

It turns out that Lamborghini engines, V12 only, are great for installation to speedboats. Some of the fastest models are powered by these engines.

  1. United Arab Emirates police use Lamborghini cars

You may know that Lamborghini cars are commonly used by police of Dubai. In addition, they are also used in Italy, but there are no so many units.

The final word

These were interesting facts about Lamborghini, one of the best sports car manufacturers ever. Maybe they started with tractors, but today they are known for making some of the fastest cars ever.


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